you'll only find this in Sisimiut

Conquer the mountain landscape that surrounds Sisimiut in Greenland’s only snowmobile mini-coach or as we call it the “Monster Sled”

Nature is right outside our front door, and you very quickly sense  the wilderness.
Experience it all sitting comfortably in the monster sled in the middle of nature’s grandeur from the valley to the mountain top.

The route goes through the local Sisimiutormiutteres winter playground where they stand on cross country skiing, drive dogsled and snowmobile – and yet the area seem enormous and deserted. On the way back from the ski lift, we will halt at the rise of water over the lake to enjoy the view over the city and David Strait.

Travel agencies specializing package tours that includes monster sledding.

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Monster sledding is for everyone regardless of age, physical ability and caution or lack thereof 🙂
Are you a group of people who likes to travel together monster sledding is absolutely perfect because you can sit and talk  and explore everything together while on tour.

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Winter safari

Enjoy the stunning mountain landscape surrounding Sisimiut. On this sightseeing tour you sit comfortably in a snowmobile sleigh in the

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It must be clear skies for the trip to run. Photo Tips: Image of Northern Lights is taken with long