In Sisimiut the boundary between terrain and town is a distinct one, but at heart the locals embrace the same rough, real, remote mantra of their natural counterpart. The Sisimiut locals are good to take matters into their own hands, and they have a thriving fashion sense that rivals any street in Europe.
Swing by the skate park to watch talented youth do BMX bike tricks in preparation for competitions around the world. In summer they are sure to be there day or night because the midnight sun never sets on this cool Arctic Circle community.

Are you an adventurer on a bicycle, the landscape around Sisimiut and especially winter route between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut “Arctic Circle Trail” a great way to experience.

The landscape invites both for ordinary cyclists and extreme cyclists. On your own with a rented bicycle or on organized package tours, you can explore and come from far away.


Companies specializing in multi-day package event on fatbike.

Fatbike Greenland from Switzerland 

Sacred Rides from Canada

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Locals love to bikecycle, and in the urban landscape you find trail bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, ordinary bicycles and the fascinating Fatbike.

Mostly you’ll see locals biking in the summer because when the snow melts, the roads are dry and dirt track opens the sun is calling everyone outside.

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